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Please try to describe the type of work and provide information so that it may be capable of being recognised. If it is a trade mark, please provide its registered number, the kind of mark, where it is registered). If possible, please provide a link to the relevant intellectual property. Remember, given the nature of the services we provide Content may be encrypted and inaccessible to us.

A link, if possible, to the work that you believe infringes your (or the rights owner’s) work or trademark
Remember, given the nature of the services we provide, if you provide a link to a package or a Workspace, this Content may be encrypted and inaccessible to us.


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  • that you believe that the use of the material as described above violates your rights (or those of the rights owner) and that the material has not been approved by you, the rights owner or is not fair use under law.


  • that the information contained in this notification is correct and accurate, and that you either are the owner of the relevant rights or have the rights owner's authority to act on their behalf.


  • that you recognise that we may need to contact third-parties (such as the sender of a package, or the owner of a Workspace) in order to progress your complaint and that we will provide the information set out in this form to them in order to do so.